How to Eliminate Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

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(via VU Dream, 9/29/17)

Motion sickness is a mismatch between what your body and your brain is experiencing, says Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar, director of New York Otology and ENT surgeon at the New York Head and Neck Institute.

It’s experienced when the central nervous system receives conflicting information from the inner ear, eyes, and both the pressure and sensory receptors, found in our joints, muscles, and spine. Our sense of balance is controlled by the interaction of these systems.

After reading the above description you can do following things to eliminate motion sickness:

  • Time Management: Avoid using VR for an extended period of time. One session of VR should not last for more than 20 minutes. You can take breaks between short sessions.
  • Posture Change: If you are having motion sickness in a standing posture then try sitting down and then use your VR.
  • Choose your VR content wisely: Some VR videos/games like Roller coaster, Free fall, Car racing, Spacewalk etc. can cause motion sickness in some people. So you can avoid using such content or use them for shorter period of time.
  • Medication: You can also take some medications prescribed by your doctor for motion sickness. But instead of taking medicines you can avoid VR content which causes motion sickness as that would be a wiser decision.

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How to Eliminate Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

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